Personal Injury in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

With a personal injury lawyer, you don't have to suffer alone. When you've experienced an injury due to another's negligence, get the legal help you need from Alvin H Eisenberg SC. Upon completion of your initial consultation, our personal injury lawyer will develop a plan to get you the support you need. Our team will look at your case from every angle to determine the maximum compensation you should receive for your injury.

Whether it be a slip and fall or a wrongful death, our legal team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to take care of you. Through either a settlement or trial verdict, the party at fault will be held responsible for appropriate compensation to cover your injury-related losses including medical expenses and lost wages.
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Personal Injury Claims

  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents

Why Choose Us As Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Since 1958, Alvin H. Eisenberg has been served the Milwaukee community as one of the premiere personal injury attorneys in the state of Wisconsin, we have settled thousands of cases with winning results. These include personal injury, slip and falls, dog bites, motor vehicle accidents, and wrongful death cases, and more.

With over 55 years at the same location from his office on 23rd and Wells, just a few blocks from Marquette University, Alvin has been a part of the community by serving and advising his clients with winning results. Many have remained true and loyal clients.


Auto Accidents

Holding negligent, reckless drivers financially liable for fatalities they cause begins with explaining how a fatal car or truck accident happened and why. At the personal injury law office of Alvin H Eisenberg SC, our attorneys take photos at the scene of an accident, collect eyewitness statements, measure skid marks, and work with accident investigators and investigating law enforcement personnel in collecting and analyzing evidence.

Car Air Bag Popped — Personal Injury in Milwaukee, WI


Motorcycle Accidents

In motorcycle accident cases, insurance companies typically represent the negligent driver(s). These are the companies that will fight to avoid providing fair compensation to you after you've been struck. Motorcycle accident cases present unique insurance and liability challenges, which is why you need an attorney who will fight for you. With experience on our side, we know how to assert your rights and overcome the obstacles to recovery that the insurance companies will try to put up.Everyone who causes a motorcycle accident has the same excuse. They blame the person who was on the motorcycle. They say the motorcycle rider was speeding or changing lanes too quickly. These excuses don’t work for us. A motorcyclist is just as entitled to the protection of the rules of the road as any other driver.
Motorcycle and Ambulance— Personal Injury in Milwaukee, WI


Slip and Falls

Most people do not consider walking to be a risky activity. However, many slip and fall accidents occur in Wisconsin each year. In some cases, these accidents require medical attention and in a few cases, these injuries may be fatal. At Alvin H Eisenberg SC we understand slip and fall accidents occur for many reasons, such as uneven sidewalks, puddles, ice and snow on walkways, inadequate lighting, obstructions on walking surfaces, or perhaps a property has not been made properly accessible. Don't fight this alone, call us today for the legal assistance you deserve.

Broken Hand — Personal Injury in Milwaukee, WI


Dog Bites

Alvin H Eisenberg SC has handled countless dog bite cases all over Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. They have the experience needed to successfully litigate these types of cases, and their extensive experience in all types of dog bite and dog attack cases gives them the knowledge needed to help victims—from pre-suit through to litigation.
Puppy Biting a Hand — Personal Injury in Milwaukee, WI

Wrongful Death

Alvin H Eisenberg SC is dedicated to helping families obtain the compensation that the law entitles them to claim for the tragic and wrongful deaths of loved ones We treat you the way we expect to be treated—with personalized service, effective representation, compassion, and a desire to maximize results for your wrongful death case.

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