Meet Alvin H. Eisenberg, S.C. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alvin H. Eisenberg — Personal Injury in Milwaukee, WI
Since 1958, Alvin H. Eisenberg has been serving the Milwaukee community as one of the premiere attorneys in the state of Wisconsin.

Alvin H. Eisenberg has settled thousands of cases with winning results, including personal injury, slip and falls, dog bites, motor vehicle accidents, and wrongful death cases, to only mention a few.

With over 55 years at the same location from his office on 23rd and Wells, just a few blocks from Marquette University, Alvin has been a part of the community by serving and advising his clients with winning results. Many have remained true and loyal clients.

If you’ve been injured on the job, Alvin will meet with you to discuss your case and concerns to ensure that you will be treated fairly and receive everything you deserve.

Alvin knows the law regarding social security and worker’s compensation laws. With a complete staff that will be available to you, you will always be made aware of the progress of your case.

You can be assured that you will be able to reach Alvin Eisenberg. He’s just a phone call away and available 24/7/365. Please call (414) 999-0600.

So if you are seeking an attorney that will work for you on your social security or worker’s compensation case, an attorney that will protect your rights and get you winning results, always remember: Choose the Right Name at the Right Location for the Right Service.